Sant Pere de Ribes

Sant Pere de Ribes, in the province of Barcelona, half-way between Tarragona and Barcelona, in the southern tip of the Garraf massif, belongs to the Garraf region. An ideal area for family outings, with a municipality of 4 square kms. that is part of the Natural Park of Garraf, this is a protected natural area with a wealth of indigenous flora and fauna. The sunlight, the temperature, the rainfall and the few winds that blow here have helped create a singular spot that is quite different from a coastline area.

Sant Pere de Ribes boasts several itineraries on foot or by bike, such as the GR-92 which cuts across the municipality and is marked in white, and the GR-5 marked in red (both routes are long distance – ‘GR- Gran Recorrido’). For wine enthusiasts there is the winery route with local producers of regional wines.

The rich cultural and historical heritage includes the historical quarter of Sant Pere de Ribes, the ancient districts, the ‘Indiano’ homes (homes built by Spaniards who made good in America) and the magnificent medieval site of Sota-Ribes.