Sitges, 35 Kms south of Barcelona, belongs to the region of the Garraf. It is bathed by 18 km of coastline, most of it magnificent beaches; it is protected at the rear by the southernmost tip of the massif of Garraf, a limestone peak which acts as a natural barrier against the cold north winds. Sitges thus enjoys a mild microclimate almost all year round.

Sitges is known for its heritage and its cosmopolitan nature, attracting visitors interested in art and culture from all over the world. In its old quarter, with its narrow paved streets ideal for ambling along in the daytime or at night, art abounds in multiple expressions. Guided tours are available to acquaint you better with artistic and historical treasures.

Sitges is famous for its popular festivities, where visitor participation is encouraged. Sitges is a blend of year round tradition, activities and festivities. The evening entertainment, BoomSitges, is particularly well known, offering myriad possibilities for enjoying your holiday nights.

A total of 17 beaches stretch along the shores of Sitges, each with its own personality and ambience, but all boasting the services required for the enjoyment and comfort of sun, sea and sand tourists. Its three marinas offer a wide range of yachting and water sports and activities.

It is also of great appeal for nature lovers: the Natural Park of Garraf possesses breathtaking rocky landscapes with many underground caves formed by the action of water on the rocks.


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