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We are not just a hotel, we are genuine mediterranian hospitality. ¡Welcome!

At Hotel Desitges we love to explain that we are unique, not only because we are integrated in the middle of nature, in the heart of Garraf, or because we are in one of the most Mediterranean regions of Barcelona coast. What really makes us proud is our philosophy and way of understanding the customer's happiness, based on offering at all times a close, honest service and exquisite treatment. At Hotel Desitges we believe that true luxury is found in the simplest things, in the care, authenticity, discretion and especially in satisfying absolutely all the desires of our customers. Not in vain, our slogan: “what you want”, has always been our source of inspiration, to get every day that our customers can feel the warm embrace, hospitality and the joy of living, typical of Mediterranean culture.

At Hotel Desitges, companies have been able to find that much-needed flexibility, responsiveness and availability, in a quiet and deliciously comfortable site. On the other hand, travelers, especially families and couples, find in our hotel, the oasis where you can take your strength from your intense holiday on Sitges and Vilanova beaches or the vibrant offer you have just a few minutes away in Barcelona. At Hotel Desitges we have 43 extremely comfortable rooms and countless services included in your stay, which will make you feel better than at home. Welcome!



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Forget the traditional hotel, being distant is not within our plans, so whether you are a company or individually you are planning your vacation or getaway, you are lucky, since you have just found the first hotel that will treat you as you deserve.

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“I want you to pick me up at the beach at twelve o’clock.” “Let's go to the restaurant where they make No. 1 paella.” “Leave me at the port.” “We're going shopping in Barcelona.” “Take me to the most authentic winery you know.”
Whatever your destination, you'll have our chauffeur at the hotel door to take you delighted, as far as your heart takes you.

Your electric car
at the door

hotel desitges alquiler coche electrico

We love the environment just like you.

That's why we put at your disposal a fleet of electric vehicles, so you can move in a respectful way with the environment.
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Want to talk?


Call us at + 34 938 965 966 or write to us at
We will assign you a personal advisor who will help you customize the stay to the last detail. Special rooms, food, transportation, locations, activities, themed trips, unique services, absolutely everything you need.





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