The Torres name has been linked to the world of wine for over three centuries. Generation after generation, it has passed down the secret of its winemaking and its love of the land. Tradition and a vision of the future have made Torres into a large export company, currently boasting over 1800 hectares of vineyards, own wineries (in Spain, Chile and California) and a presence in over 150 countries all over the world.

Culture and Entertainment Suggestions

Discover the Winery of Pacs del Penedés! From its Visitor Centre, Bodegas Torres offers a wide range of activities to suit all preferences and needs.

Guided tours

Bodegas Torres offers three types of visit, geared both for adults and for children. A memorable experience for one's five senses!

  • Traditional Tour: the visit to the winery of Pacs del Penedés is a cultural and fun experience where you will become acquainted with the fascinating world of wine and its production process, from vineyard to bottling. Duration: 1 h approx.
  • VIP Tour: Specially designed for wine lovers. The personalised visit includes a tour of all the winery and ends with a casting of the four of the estate's most representative wines.Duration: 2 h 30 min. approx.
  • Ecotour: Viticulture is one of the most important aspects when seeking to produce quality wine. This visit involves a tour through the vineyard Mas La Plana, with explanations of the many tasks that are carried out throughout the year in the vineyard. Duration: 2h 30min. approx.

Other courses and activities

As well as the guided tours, Bodegas Torres offers a broad range of enotouristic options:

  • Tastings
  • Aperitifs and Brunches
  • Introduction to Wine Tasting
  • Pairing of wines and cheeses
  • Cooking classes
  • Blind tastings
  • Live the vineyard (Viu la Vinya) (workshop).
  • Rental of reception rooms, etc.

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